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verbose v1.1.0 - example and edit support

I recently got a new motivation to update my vocabulary service verbose. Each word can have an example sentence together with its translation now. Verbose has also a new edit page.

Example support

When learning new words it could be useful to have a helpful example. This adds more context to the translation. Having an example is also useful for learning a whole new language, like spanish in my case. I barely know 100 words, where an example sentece would not only contain one unknown/hard to remember word but multiple.

To follow the KISS principle together with my I-only-add-a-word-per-month-and-view-it-once-a-day use-case, I still use my json file and added two fields containing the original example sentence such as its translation.

Edit support

In the past, if I made a typo, I ssh’ed to the server, opened the json file and corrected the word manually. However, having a new “column” which is initialy empty for each word, I felt the need of edit each entry via the service itself. I’ve added another site that just POST’s the changes. Unfortunately I can’t use PUT, which would be the right method to modify a resource, since this is not allowed.