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2022-03-14 13:47:05 +0100 CET

clt 2022 - storage migration: schnell und einfach

I just did my first public german talk Storage Migration: Schnell und einfach about transferring local storage fast and simple, last saturday.

The lecture got recorded and I’ll update this post with a link once published.

Some data


We[^1] optimized the migration of a 120GB disk with 50% used data from roughly eight to about one minute. This could be accomplished by replacing the former solution mbuffer with our selfmade one. A HTTP server/client simplifies the connection handling by natively supporting encryption via TLS such as parallelity via concurrent connections. As our local storage is a thin provisioned lv, we could use a block map to only transfer used data.

[^1] Cloud services team at Hetzner Online