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2022-03-27 09:43:35 +0200 CEST

blog update: v0.3.0

Blogctl v0.3.0 is out!

CI release automation

blogctl can now be released pretty straight forward:

That’s it! A tag pipeline will start and create a new release with 64bit binaries for linux and mac2.


See blog article blog update: navigation.

Syntax highlighting

Code blocks are now syntax highlighted3. I decided to use a more subtle, monochrome style only to keep focus. We used the lib chroma which supports a lot of languages and can be configured via CSS. This feature also adds some clutter to the html template where the CSS needs to be included. It’s planned to clean this up and outsource the stylesheet to the highlight package where it belongs to.

  1. I use changelogger to add entries, bump versions and render summaries interactively.
  2. Windows is not included as the interative-part of blogctl requires a unix shell to open a terminal editor configured via environment variables VISUAL or EDITOR (thanks to changelogger for that trick).
  3. Thanks to Tch1b0 for the contribution!