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Thinking tools aka fidget toys

As my mind often needs something to do, I stumpled across fidget toys1 as an alternative of chewing finger nails and excessive chewing gum usage2.

Anyway, I want to share my mostly self-printed thinking tools.

My current ranking:

  1. infinite fidget cube: very satisfying to fold the cube infinitely many times
  2. joy fidget: reminds me of good old N64 times while the stick’s spring has a good feel
  3. headless skrew with nut3: best if both hands need to do something
  4. mini fascia roll4: good for muscle relaxation, it’s the more sporty fidget toy
  5. rubber duck: while it can be compressed quite satisfying, the sound is annyoing
  6. classic fidget cube: the universal and classical cube you get when searching for those stuff, it’s a bit too small for my hands
  7. approve brick: this solid body is ok to keep hands busy but rather than that has no additional function

  1. probably best known for fidget spinners
  2. kind of a subconsious thing which is especially hard to control when brainstorming or concentrating
  3. the remaining parts of my 3d-printed broken microphone stand
  4. no advertisment here, just look for ‘mini faszia roll’ using the search engine of your choice