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blog update: customization

Make your own customized blog using blogctl!

With blogctl v1.0.0, all personal hard coded information are now configurable. They can be specified using the introduced blog.json in the root of the blog directory:

    "version": 1,
    "author": "Raphael Pour",
    "title": "blog",
    "description": "Hi, I'm Raphael. I write about my software developer journey...",
    "footer": "<a href='rss.xml'>RSS</a>|<a href='impressum.html'>Impressum</a>"

text/template vs. html/template

The index template gets now rendered using the text/template lib rather than html/template while the later escapes all data parameters due to its security model. Escaping e.g. the RSS or impressum link would result in unusable ones.

text/html doesn’t care while template and arguments are trusted by default.