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The annual advent-of-code challenge is starting again at first of December. Ruby was my last years choice of language, which I also used to do the 2015 event for preparation. This year I’ll use Go since the majority of my daily projects are Go ones. My primary goal is to at least try any puzzle and secondary write a post for the most interesting solutions I came up with.


All puzzles are based on some kind of data transformation. You’ll get an input and have to transform it to get the solution. Ruby is a good first AoC language since parsing and transforming data are easy to implement out-of-the-box with native regex-support and a lot of map-reduce functions.


Using Go over Ruby for the same kind of data transformation is more complex and time-consuming. Go has no native map-reduce and therefore all transformations have to be done manually with (nested) loops which also get unreadable with higher complexity. On the other side I want to gain more experience with Go, since I’m fairly new to the language while I wrote my first line of code around December 2019.